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Unlock The Root Cause of Disease

We seek to uncover what causes you to feel unwell, fatigued, achy, depressed. There is no reason aging should be associated with chronic disease. We have decades of experience using advanced biomarkers to help understand what drives disease. We have many testimonials of patients who have finally been given hope, answers, solutions and a plan. We use the best of evidence-based medicine with the additional understanding of functional medicine.

Global Access

Reach a member of your wellness team by calling or texting at anytime. Members can also reach us through our mobile application via our 100% secure, 100% private Medical eConsult application or through text or email anytime. Plus every member will have their own secure patient portal to access their records, medication and supplements, as well as request refills anytime.

Physician Direct Access

Unlimited appointment access to contracted physicians and clinicians around the globe whether you are here in the US or any where in the world. We have access to the best specialists  around the world through our own secure platform. You will also have access to MD21 Global and mobile based platform.

Personalized Nutrition Counseling

Comprehensive personalized and “in depth” analysis of your lifestyle. We have comprehensive tools both online and in person to help us work with you on your specific areas of need. We want to help you reach your own health goals, whether that goal is to lose weight or reduce need for medication, we will work with you.

Genetic Testing And Analysis

As a leader in cutting edge 21st century medicine our providers continually stay up to date on the newest in genomic and metabolic medicine.  

Annual Comprehensive Lab Testing

Every patient receives an annual comprehensive lab analysis. We go beyond traditional testing because we know cholesterol and glucose screening frequently do not accurately assess true risk for disease. In fact, cholesterol may be far less important than we have thought in the past. Many doctors are not aware or are not experienced on how to interpret and utilize this advanced lab technology. 

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 “I have recommended Dr. Dall and her staff to everyone one of my family and friends that need this kind of treatment.  I have prevented a potential heart-attack lost weight naturally and at age 60 for first time in my life I feel energetic and healthy.

Keith C


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